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Welcome to Carer Watch

We are a campaign group for carers across the UK run by independent, unpaid carers.

We have experience of the care system as it operates in the UK today and we consider it to be desperately under funded and not fit for purpose. We aim to provide a non-party-political campaign platform to change the way that opinion-formers, politicians and journalists think about carers.

But first and foremost we intend to get the system changed.

The Welfare Reform program is proceeding at an ever increasing pace. Every day we hear of local authorities closing, withdrawing or cutting back on essential facilities and services. The already inadequate care system is dying on its feet. We have to halt that process, not next year, not the year after that, we have to halt it now.

Some of our current campaigns focus on:

+ Carers


+ IB / ESA

+ Emergency Budget 2010

+ Defend Disability Benefits - Defend DLA

+ Campaign to write to MPs

Mental Health services are already woefully under funded and the latest round of cuts is too much for them to bear.

If you give up work to become a carer you will be expected to use up all your own assets and probably lose your home before the state will give you any financial support.

When pensioners become carers it is all too often a matter of those in need of care, caring for those in need of even greater care.

Please post your experience and tell us how you would like the care system changed - give your testimony!

Then come on to the main forum and help get things changed - join the discussion and campaigning group! You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook!